ATLANTA -- The pink Trap House on Howell Mill Road that was recently rented by rapper 2Chainz was the site of a Sunday #TrapChurch event.

A local West End activist sent 11Alive's Neima Abdulahi a flier for the event, in which several organizations were set to be in attendance.

The event was hosted by Street Groomers, a West End neighborhood watch group.

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PHOTOS: 2Chainz Trap House site of community event

2 Chainz rented the house and made it an element of the marketing campaign for his new album, "Pretty Girls Like Trap Music." The site is attracting a huge amount of attention and has become a must-see destination in real life and on the internet.

PHOTOS: Atlanta's pink Trap House

The bright pink "Trap House" has been tagged almost 300,000 times on Instagram since it went up two weeks ago. Marketing experts say they're astounded by the popularity of the pink house.

The house initially had an all-pink car parked in front but it was removed after complaints about its condition.

MORE | Car at Atlanta's pink 'Trap House' towed away after complaints

Visitors mounted the car and jumped on the windshield shattering it. 11Alive was there when the tow truck arrived to take it away. People who had come to see the house were upset because the car was part of the experience.