Tripp Halstead's mother has an update after her 7-year-old son was admitted to the hospital.

11Alive has been following Tripp Halstead's journey ever since he suffered a traumatic brain injury when a tree limb fell on him at his daycare in 2012. Millions of people have followed his recovery on a Facebook page set up by his mother, Stacy.

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Stacy Halstead wrote that Tripp was taken to the hospital on Monday after he reportedly had a low temperature. Doctors took x-rays and found pneumonia, so he was admitted so that strong doses of antibiotics could be administered through an IV, his mother wrote.

On Tuesday, Stacy provided an update, saying that Tripp slept well and that his temperature was rising.

"We are back on track," she wrote.

But on the other side of things, Stacy wrote:

"Now for the bad news. Tripp had another episode that looked like a seizure or stroke. His eye twitched and his face dropped and he was drooling."

Stacy Halstead credited her mother for quick actions after spotting the episode.

"She drops everything for Tripp and me," Stacy Halstead wrote.

Last month marked five years since the accident that changed the lives of the Halstead family.