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Tucker vape shop worker fired after screaming at Trump supporter, refusing service

The two became involved in a heated argument that the customer recorded. Now, the company is responding as the video spreads across social media.
Credit: Facebook
A now-fired employee yells at a customer wearing Trump clothing in a Tucker store. Ian Furgeson/Facebook

Warning: This story includes excerpts from a confrontation in a local shop along with profanity that, while censored, may not be appropriate for all readers. 

TUCKER, Ga. -- A Tucker vape shop employee has been fired after video of him screaming at a man in Trump-branded clothing spread across social media like wildfire.

Since the video's release, the corporate office of the company has released a statement condemning the actions of their now-former employee and assuring future customers that all are welcome in their stores.

"Xhale City does not tolerate this kind of behavior from its employees. When we identified the employee at fault, we fired the employee immediately. We've also spoken to the customer and apologized. We value our clients, treat them with respect and dignity, regardless of their political views"

In the video, which was shared by Facebook user Ian Furgeson sometime after the confrontation began, he claims that he had been asked to leave the store because he was wearing a Donald Trump shirt and a Make America Great Again hat.

What follows is an interaction between Furgeson and the store employee that includes the worker screaming several times as the customer demands to be served.

The interaction begins with the employee asking Furgeson to leave the store and threatening to call the police if he doesn't stop recording.

Furgeson's response: "That would be awesome. That would be awesome."

The employee then threatens to call the manager as Furgeson threatens to call corporate and the media.

But soon, the interaction devolves with the employee exploding in anger.

"F*** off, dude. F*** off. Get the f*** off of here. F*** man," the employee yells as the first of multiple profanity-laden outbursts where he begins calling the customer a "racist motherf*****."

The employee then walks off appearing to be on the phone with his employer.

"I got a f***er in my store who won't leave," he says into his phone. "He's wearing some Trump stuff. He's wearing some Trump bull**** got some racist bull**** [uninteligible]. I'm f*****, I'm not f***** serving anyone that has anything to do with that f*****."

Furgeson then defends himself in response.

"I just want good healthcare for my kids, I don't have a problem with the color of your skin," he said pointing to a black customer uninvolved in the conflict. "Or yours."

He then redirects attention to the purchase he wants to make and the worker responds shouting, "Leave the store."

Now shouting as well, Fergeson demands the cashier allow him to buy the vaping fluid.

"Just sell me the f****** product so that I can leave," he responds in a loud voice.

The confrontation continues for a while before it seems the two have at least reached a stalemate. But a comment from Furgeson during the transaction sets the employee off once again.

Furgeson: "God bless America. Capitalism wins again."

Employee: "F*** your capitalism, f*** your f***** president. He's a racist, stupid piece of s***. You're a racist. Stupid piece of s****."

Furgeson: "Just clean the s*** up. Just clean the s*** up. [unintelligible] Do my bidding."

Eventually, after being refused the business card of a manager, the would-be customer left and went to yet another store where he showed the video to an employee there.

"Disgusting. Disgusting, you don't treat people like that," the cashier said in his follow-up video.

"You see, here we are. A liberal democrat. A conservative Republican," he said.

In a video posted late night on the evening of December 29, Furgeson apparently returns to the Xhale vape shop where the original incident occurred. He urged people not to be upset with the shop.

"I've been shopping here forever, my wife comes here, I come in -- no problem," he said in the video.

The full video (uncensored) can be seen here. (UPDATE: The video is no longer available as of December 30).

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