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Is that statue outside of Mercedes-Benz stadium really a falcon?

It's the world's largest bird, but type of bird is it?

It's big. It's beautiful. But what is it?

The "world's largest bird statue" is proudly displayed outside Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta to greet fans.

We know it's 42 feet tall and has a wingspan of over 64 feet. But is it really a falcon? Some people have questions.

Maybe it's a hawk? Maybe it's an eagle? Or maybe it really is a falcon. We invited Dale Arrowood with Winged Ambassadors to analyze the statue to get to the bottom of it.

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According to Arrowood, hawks, eagles and falcons are all categorized as "raptors," or birds of prey, meaning they hunt for their food. Birding experts say raptors all share three main traits, including sharp eyesight, strong feet with sharp talons, and a sharp beak.

Arrowood said one of the main differences between the birds is size – the beak on the eagle is much larger than a falcon's. So are the feet and its expansive wingspan.

Hawks are medium-sized and usually have long tails for tight steering.

A Falcon is the smallest of the three and has long, pointy wings and tends to be a very swift flier. These raptors are known for their dives, and often can be spotted doing so to catch other smaller birds mid-flight.

So based on these characteristics, we asked Arrowood what kind of bird he thought the statue outside of Mercedes-Benz Stadium to be.

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