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Woman searching for Good Samaritan who rescued her on Loop 101

Tina Coons experienced a medical condition while behind the wheel last Wednesday in Scottsdale.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Tina Coons is hoping to find the Good Samaritan who helped save her life last week.

She experienced a medical condition while behind the wheel last Wednesday in Scottsdale, and now she's hoping to find the hero behind the heartwarming gesture.

She says it was the actions of a hero that came to her aide and she wants to find them to say thank you!

"They didn't have to help, and we're just hoping that we can thank them in person and let them know how much we appreciate them and if there's anything they ever need we will be there for them," she said.

Tears and taken back by kindness, Coons said she's speechless by this stranger's actions.

"They found me passed out, called the ambulance, got me to a hospital and made sure all my belongings were there for me," Coons added.

Coons, a fun-loving "fur momma" of five dogs, was driving on the Loop 101 near Shea when she started experiencing symptoms she's had off and on since last summer.

"Each time it's slightly different, sometimes I have slurred speech, sometimes I have tunnel vision, sometimes I'm very dizzy like I was this time," she told 12 News.

She's been to the doctor but explains blood work and testing in months passed, turned up nothing.

"It's been a struggle for the last year to go through these symptoms and know that I'm having problems and knowing that medically they can't figure it out," Coons added.

But this recent episode was different.

"They're going to be able to monitor me for the next two months with a heart monitor and hopefully figure it out so I can either get it fixed or maybe take a medicine that will fix it but I'm not sure because they don't know what it is yet," she said.

She and her husband Frank couldn't be more thankful for the quick-thinking of the Good Samaritan who saved her.

"Without that person I don't know if I would be here, I would really like to thank them in person and tell them how much I appreciate that they didn't have to stop," she said.

We know it's a long shot, but if you know who stepped in to save Tina Coons in Scottsdale near the Culvers Restaurant please e-mail at connect@12news.com.

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