It sounds nice; $250 worth of free groceries from Kroger.

But is it too good to be true?

We noticed an online Kroger coupon being circulated on Facebook and people were already questioning if it was real.

The version WMAZ saw online said Kroger was giving away all that food to celebrate 135 years in business and that the coupon was good at any store in the U.S.

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We asked Felix Turner, the corporate affairs manager for Kroger’s Atlanta division, to verify if this was real.

Turner said it is fake.

It appears from a company Facebook post that the bogus $250 coupon has been floating around since at least 2013.

Kroger says you should not interact with the websites where the coupon is posted, or share any personal information.

So, we’ve verified it is FALSE and Kroger does not have an online coupon giving away $250 of free groceries.