As the dust settles from last week’s Georgia Dome implosion, you might have seen a site in your searches and news feeds hawking memorabilia.

But, is it legit?

11Alive’s VERIFY team got down to the bottom of it.

Fond memories of the Dome in hearts and conversations. According to one site – – you could cherish those memories in your hands and homes.

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But what memorabilia is up for grabs? Especially if you can go to the old dome site and grab and piece of debris for yourself – for free.

Words on the site screams to visitors – “own a piece of the Georgia Dome. Nest in a piece of Falcons history…memorabilia sale now open!”

But when you try and click on links, they won’t open. The mobile site points to Schneider Industries – based out of St. Louis. They referred me to auctioneer Dan Rosenthal.

He told me by text that the sale happened months ago.

He sent me a link to an online auction with five pages of memorabilia already sold so it’s no longer active.

The items included end zone wrap around poles, posts, tarps, Gatorade coolers, Julio Jones and other players’ lockers, even field turf from the final game! Rosenthal said the Schneider Industries contract was with the Falcons.

The 11Alive VERIFY team can VERIFY the sale of Ga. Dome memorabalia was legit. But, It’s over.

Schneider Industries told Deb Tuff the items fetched anywhere from $25 $8,000.

Now, although there are no more sales, you can see if you can get a cherished chunk of stone for free.