ATLANTA — The final push for votes ahead of the midterms is underway, and 11Alive has seen one claim popping up in mailboxes and across social media putting the pressure on voters to get to the polls.

One mailer shared with 11Alive says your neighbors will know if you don’t vote in the November 6 election for Georgia governor.

The mailer isn’t an isolated example. On Facebook, an app claims you can see your friends’ voting history.

So is it true your neighbors or friends can find out if you voted? 11Alive verified with the Secretary of State’s website that under Georgia law, “voter registration lists are available to the public and contain the following information: voter name, residential address, mailing address if different, race, gender, registration date, and last voting date.”

The information is available by order for a fee on the Secretary of State’s Office website, though is not to be used for commercial purposes.

So 11Alive can verify, it indeed a matter of public record whether you voted or not. Who you voted for? That remains your secret.

11Alive reached out to the last phone number associated with the mailer's return address for further comment but has not yet received a response.