DECATUR-- Disturbing surveillance video shows a man forcefully striking and dragging a dog in a gas station parking lot Sunday.

According to a DeKalb County police report, a man and woman saw a puppy running around the parking lot of the BP gas station on Candler Road. As they were heading inside, the woman walked over to the dog and began petting it.

They began playing with the dog when they heard another man yell "come here". The woman picked up the puppy and walked towards the man. As they approached each other, the man reached back and swung at the dog, hitting it twice with a closed fist.

After taking the dog from the woman, the man dragged the puppy back to his vehicle and left the scene.

The witness believes that the amount of force used to hit the dog would have been enough to knock her to the ground if he had actually struck her.

Police later arrested the man in the video, identifying him as 26-year-old Kirby Crane of Ellenwood. Crane was charged with cruelty to animals.

The puppy was taken to the DeKalb County Animal Shelter.