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'Thoughts and prayers are not enough' | Sen. Warnock demands action after Midtown Atlanta shooting

The U.S. senator from Georgia revealed his two children were on lockdown while law enforcement combed the area, searching for the gunman.

ATLANTA — Sen. Raphael Warnock took the Senate floor in D.C. Wednesday following the mass shooting that took the life of one woman and injured four others in Atlanta.

Warnock revealed his children were on lockdown while law enforcement combed the area, searching for the gunman.

“My own two children were on lockdown this afternoon,’ Warnock said. “Their schools were on lockdown responding to this tragedy.” 

Warnock had a message following the 190th mass shooting in just five months, according to the Gun Violence Archive. 

“As a pastor, I pray for those who are affected by this tragedy, but I hastened to say thoughts and prayers are not enough,” Warnock said. “And in fact, it is a contradiction to that say you are thinking and praying and then do nothing.”

Atlanta City Councilman Amir Farokhi expressed similar concerns about U.S. lawmakers' responses in regards to the uptick in mass shootings.

"I hope APD apprehends the shooter quickly. My heart hurts for Midtown, the folks who have been injured, and the family of the deceased. Gun violence has become a daily occurrence in our country. It's not normal. Everyone deserves to feel safe everywhere. There are common sense solutions to reduce incidents like this. We have to adopt them. Enough."

Just before 8 p.m., APD said the suspect, Deion Patterson, was apprehended. He was taken into custody in Cobb County. The 24-year-old is accused of shooting five women inside a Northside Hospital medical facility.

One of the women died from their injuries, officials said.

A $10,000 reward was being offered for any information leading to his arrest.

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