What happens when a major water main breaks but life has to go on?

For schools - bring water bottles. For businesses - shut down or open late.

Crews continue to work around the clock to repair the break. Officials said a damaged sewer pipe could have caused the main to collapse.

DeKalb County School and Decatur City Schools decided to open for class on Thursday, March 8, the day after a 48 inch water main break spewed gallons of water onto Buford Highway.

The best compromise for schools - water bottles.

Students were encouraged to bring their own water bottles from home but the district provided more. DeKalb County Emergency Management donated more than 72,000 bottles of water for distribution to the approximately 130 schools of DeKalb County School District and three campuses of DeKalb Medical, the agency said.

As far as operations go at schools. the water fountains were made to be not operational and food was prepared with water that has been boiled, per the water boil advisory, or without using water.

Superintendent Stephen Green said they're waiting for the all clear.

"We've closed up the water fountains and the sinks etc until that water is tested," he said.

Decatur City Schools had access to a 6,000 gallon water truck in case water becomes scarce according to Courtney Burnett, Communications Director for City of Decatur Schools.

Several businesses closest to the break have remained closed, as they dry out.

According to DeKalb County, repairs are more than halfway completed and everything should be running normal by Friday, March 9, at midnight.