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Woman dies days after trying to save child from drowning in Bentonville

Tawny Hinton passed away days after jumping into a storm drain to save an 11-year-old boy in Bentonville.

BENTONVILLE, Ark. — A woman who tried to save a young boy from drowning in Bentonville has passed away.

Family members of Tawny Hinton say she made the "ultimate sacrifice" by diving into rapid floodwaters to try to save 11-year-old Alexander "Cade" Law.

Unfortunately, Cade died on Aug. 29 after being sucked into a storm drain. 

In a Facebook post, Cade's mother says that Cade, his identical twin Chandler and a friend were racing paper boats in a pond during a rainstorm in Bentonville. The water was only ankle deep at the time and was rising, but gave no concern to the two adults who were there, including Hinton. 

They weren't aware of the drains at the end of the field that the boys approached. As they threw woodchips into the small whirlpool, Cade reached in and was sucked in by the water. Their mother says his twin Chandler held on but unfortunately, the water was too strong. 

Without hesitation, Hinton jumped in to try and save Cade, eventually being swept away herself.

According to the Bentonville Fire Department, Hinton was found about 20 yards away from the pond after 13 minutes of an initial emergency call. For Cade, they say it was 23 minutes before they found him 500 yards away.

Cade passed away at a nearby hospital. A GoFundMe account has been set up for his family to help with final arrangements and all expenses related to his death. 

After many days in the hospital following the accident, Hinton passed away from her injuries. A fundraiser has been set up to help her family with funeral expenses. 

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