CHATSWORTH, Ga. -- "It was just like 'boom' and I saw stuff, like, raining from the cloud," Jessica Smith said. "Cause I couldn't see the airplane. I was like, did an airplane just hit a bird? That's is what I thought."

Before a plane crashed in northwest Georgia, debris began raining around Smith's home.

"I remember seeing, like, a big cylinder of metal, like, shoot that way and a square of metal shoot somewhere over there in the woods and it just sprayed everywhere."

Then she watched as the plane crashed.

"I saw it go down over there, but it still had both wings," Smith said.

Now, one of the plane's two engines is still missing and investigators have confirmed that four people died aboard the twin-engine Piper P-A23 aircraft - which can seat up to five.

The names of the victims haven't been released just yet.

"It didn't sound like a normal plane," Smith said. "It sounded like something was wrong. And it was so low."

She added that it had just come through a cloud before ultimately crashing. That happened off of Piney Hill Road near Chatsworth about 90 miles northwest of Atlanta.

As the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) works to determine the cause of the crash, they have recovered the airplane's flight log. That, they hope, will lead them to more answers in what caused the crash by shedding light on the pilot and the plane's maintenance history.

Meanwhile, Smith's thoughts are with the four who lost their lives.

"It is just so said," she said. "It is really sad."