WOODSTOCK, Ga. -- When police arrived at the home of a Roswell police Sergeant, they heard screaming and loud banging sounds. Because of the sounds, officers drew their weapons.

A child inside the home had called 911 and told them that his dad was assaulting his mom around 1:30 a.m.

What they found was Roswell police sergeant Chad Harris and his wife in the midst of a dispute in the early morning hours of Thanksgiving.

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The son told police his dad had a history of being belligerent and hitting his wife and children. Even saying that his dad had pulled a gun on his mom.

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That night, one of the children told police Harris came home and drank ten beers before arguing about the house being a mess. His wife told police he got mad when she wouldn't look him in the eye "Chad grabbed her by the neck with one hand and forcibly moved her face to look him in the eye," according to the police report.

Officers found red marks around her neck in the shape of fingers.

The child told police that Harris also hit a sibling with shoes and told him he would "rip his f***ing head off," if he didn't clean his room.

Both children told police they heard a slapping noise and then their mom crying.

Harris told police that he was never physical in the argument. He was arrested and charged with simple battery, battery and two counts of cruelty to children.

During the investigation and arrest, Harris allegedly kept informing them that he was a fellow officer. One officer wrote, "he also made several comments about his law enforcement career, his contacts within the law enforcement community, and his career being over."

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Harris' wife told officers "she believes Chad does this because he is an authoritative figure at work, and wants her to obey her," the incident report states.

Harris was released on a $4,500 bond on Friday and was ordered to stay away from his family. However, despite the charges, he was not ordered to give up his gun.

Roswell Police said Harris has been placed on administrative leave with pay, while the department investigates the circumstances of his arrest.