ATLANTA -- Georgia voters frustrated with their presidential choices at the ballot made some unusual choices in their write-in categories this election.

There were only a handful of folks who officially qualified as write in candidates and actually got officially counted. Of them, independent candidate Evan McMullin led the write-in total in Gwinnett County.

What follows is a sampling of the unofficial write in votes from Gwinnett County, as tabulated by our blogging pals at

You may have all but forgotten Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s run for president this year. But many voters didn’t. He got 157 write in votes. Led by Marco Rubio, the other Republican hopefuls from this spring got 277 write-ins. Democrat Bernie Sanders got 593.

But many cast less predictable write-in votes. Harambe the Gorilla, shot to death earlier this year at the Cincinnati Zoo, got five write in votes. Other animals receiving votes included two votes for “Freddy My Cat,” “A cockroach,” “Bag of Tarantulas” and two votes for “Puking Dog.”

Some voters opted for food items. “A Potato” and “Pizza” each got votes. One cast a vote for “Moonpie” and another for “One Whole Grain Poptart.”

But human beings, some fictional or deceased, still ruled the write-ins. Frank Underwood, the House of Cards president, got a vote. Batman got a vote. Actor Bill Murray got a vote. Musicians Stevie Nicks and Alice Cooper got one each. Hip hop artist Kanye West got six votes.

Georgia figures got a few write-in votes -- including Nathan Deal, Zell Miller, Julio Jones, Dale Murphy and rapper Gucci Mane.

The Almighty was popular among write-in voters. God got 22 votes. Jesus Christ got 100. But as protest votes go, few were more direct than “none of the above,” “anyone else,” “I just can’t do it,” “anyone else but these 2 idiots” and the apocalyptic “we are doomed.”

Click here to read the entire list of Gwinnett County write-in votes

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