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2 young girls are making a difference in their community as entrepreneurs

Trinity White is starting a trend of little entrepreneurs on the Westside. She inspired 12-year-old Charlee Medley to open a coffee stand right down the street.

ATLANTA — Kids across the city are wrapping up their summer break this week, taking one last trip to the pool or the zoo. But two girls on the Westside are using their last days of summer to try and make a difference in their communities.

While the Westside gets a lot of attention for its high crime rate, according to Atlanta Police Department statistics, or blighted properties identified by the city, Trinity White sees potential in the rundown areas near her stand.

The snacks pile up over the 11-year-old head at her stand on the Westside; but people really come for the drinks. 

"My lemonade, my most popular item is my lemonade," said Trinity. 

Credit: Provided
Trinity White

Her recipe is a secret, but the love she has for her community is out loud.

"Maybe when I get older, if that still is right there I'll buy that and just put a lot of  homeless people in there, so they can take showers, eat and take a bath," she said. 

Trinity is starting a trend of little entrepreneurs on the Westside with heart.

"If you help them, they will never forget you. They will help someone else and it will go on and on," said Charlee Medley.

Trinity inspired 12-year-old Charlee to open a coffee stand right down the street. Charlee hopes to build a community space for people who live there.

"The graffiti, it doesn't really bother me, because that's what defines the neighborhood and my stand," she said. 

Credit: Provided
Charlee Medley

Both girls charge people what they can pay for their goods and give them away for free to people who can't afford it. Charlee's mom, RaShawn Medley said it's important for them to help people where they live.

"It's reality, it's what she's seeing, what the kids are seeing out here every day, RaShawn said. "When the patrons come by and they're suffering, it's like, how can we help them specifically," she said. 

Charlee and Trinity are out at the stands for hours each day and have a loyal customer base.

"It's just love, I just love it here," said Trinity. 

The girls donate a lot of the money they make to charities in the Westside, but both girls said they're also using the profits to save for college.

If you don't live near the Westside, you can find Trinity and Charlee on social media. 


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