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Young Thug's brother one of the latest to take plea deal in YSL RICO case, court documents show

Fulton County Superior Court documents show charges against Quantavious Grier are for conspiracy to violate the RICO Act and theft by receiving stolen property.

ATLANTA — Young Thug's brother has entered a negotiated plea deal in the high-profile street gang RICO case that's gained national attention, according to Fulton County Superior Court documents. The charges against Quantavious Grier include conspiracy to violate the RICO Act and theft by receiving stolen property.

Prosecutors allege Young Thug -- whose legal name is Jeffery Williams -- was the founder and active leader of the Young Slime Life street gang. According to the court documents, the rapper's brother, Grier, was sentenced to a total of 12 years with the first two years commuted to time served, with the remaining time to be served on probation. 

This news comes on the same day Young Thug was back in court as prosecutors and defenders prepare for the upcoming YSL trial centered around the rapper.  A total of 28 people were indicted in the case in May.

So far, 11Alvie has learned five people have taken plea deals. 

Nearly a week ago, rapper Gunna, whose real name is Sergio Kitchens, said in a statement he had "chosen to end my own RICO case with an Alford plea and end my personal ordeal by publicly acknowledging my association with YSL." 

An Alford plea, according to Cornell's Legal Information Institute, is one in which a defendant "registers a formal admission of guilt towards charges in criminal court while the defendant simultaneously expresses their innocence toward those same charges."

Others who have taken plea deals include Martinez Arnold, whose known as rapper Lil Duke; Wunnie Lee, another rapper who goes by Slimelife Shawty; and Walter Murphy, the alleged co-founder of the YSL gang.

As for Grier, whose rap name is Unfoonk, there are special conditions in his plea deal, including 750 hours of community service and he can't possess any guns or commit any crimes. He also can't contact his own brother until the case is over.

Credit: Fulton County
Pictured is Quantavious Grier, the brother of rapper Young Thug, according to court documents.

Documents state communicating with other co-defendants listed in the indictment is also off-limits unless it's through attorneys. There is also a 10 p.m. until 6 a.m. curfew in place. Exceptions for the curfew include school, emergencies or work.

The court documents also add that if Grier is called by any the party in the case, he will testify truthfully -- but can reserve his right to assert the Fifth Amendment privilege. 

Attorney Darryl Cohen is a prosecutor turned defense attorney. He isn't involved in the YSL case but has been following it closely. He said while defendants such as Gunna and Grier could be called to testify, the Fifth Amendment won't help them avoid every question on the witness stand.

"The Fifth Amendment says 'I'm not going to testify because I refuse to incriminate myself' -- you can do that," Cohen said. "But you cannot take the Fifth when it comes to testimony toward someone else or some other people that were involved in a crime."


The 11Alive exclusive ‘Jeffery’ series unravels the high-profile grand jury indictment of Atlanta rapper Jeffery Williams, better known as Young Thug. We explore the impact of the controversial indictment, which alleges that his prominent record label, YSL, is allegedly connected to street gang activity, according to Fulton County prosecutors. 

The recent events reignited a decades-long conversation about the use of rap lyrics in courtrooms across the country, the movement to protect Black art, and the precedent this case could set.

As this notorious case nears a trial date, 11Alive’s ‘Jeffery’ series gives an exclusive lens into what this case means – legally, artistically and culturally. And where do the lines blur between art and reality?

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