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Young Thug's arrest | These lyrics are being used as evidence in his RICO case

The nearly 90-page indictment said these lyrics are proof Young Thug, and other rappers, are involved in Atlanta-area crimes.

ATLANTA — Atlanta rapper Young Thug, whose legal name is Jeffery Williams, is in quite the legal tangle over his alleged involvement in a violent Georgia gang.

He's now facing new felony charges. The rapper was arrested in Atlanta on Monday on charges dating as far back as 2013.

Young Thug's arrest is a result of Fulton County's crackdown on gang activity.

In a nearly 90-page indictment, Williams is accused of being the gang's leader and orchestrating some of the activity. Fulton County's District Attorney's Office referenced his songs and lyrics in its indictment, calling it proof of his gang activity and linking him to other charges.

Below is a list of songs and lyrics listed in the indictment.

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List of song lyrics alleged as evidence of gang activity

  • "Eww": “Red just like Elmo but I never ******* giggle,” “YSL won’t fold, pick his *** off from the balcony,” “YSL, wipe a ***** nose,” “I’ma **** for the cash then she getting robbed by Tick,” “In a Bentley on West Lee getting trailed by sniper,” “All I ever wanted was the money, put your hands in the air if you dare, any ************ to step over here, F&N put em in a wheel chair."
  • "Slime ****": “Hey, this that slime ****, hey, YSL ****, hey, killin 12 ****, hey, **** a jail ****, hey, cooking white brick,” “I’m not new to this, hey, I’m so
    true to this, hey, I done put a whole slime on a hunnid licks,” “slime or
    get slimed,” “I’m in the VIP and I got that pistol on my hip, you prayin
    that you live I’m prayin that I hit, hey, this that slime ****,” “****,****
    the police (****’em), in a high speed,” “hundred rounds in a Tahoe,”
    “I’m prepared to take em down,” “got banana clips for all these ******
    actin monkey,” “this that slim ****, this that mob ****,” “**** the judge,
    YSL, this that mob life."
  • "Anybody": "I never killed anybody but I got something to do with that body," “I told them to shoot a hundred rounds,” “ready for war like I’m Russia,” “I get all type of cash, I’m a general."
  • "Bad Boy": “you better watch the way you breathe around me fore that breath be your last, boy,” “Smith & Wesson .45 put a hole in his heart better not play with me, killers they stay with me,” “I shot at his mommy, now he no longer mention me,” “I had on Margielas when I shot at the ****, act like you want war and they gon’ smoke you like a blunt."
  • "Just How It Is": “I escaped every one of the licks cause I was supposed to be rich, I don’t care nothing bout no cop, I’m tellin you just how it is,” “Hit em with the MAC now, now his whole 'body scabbed,” “I done for the crew, I done did the robbin, I done did the jackin, now I’m full rappin,” “last ***** tried me almost got popped in Lenox, ask the cops, ask the detectives, they know all the business, ask the cops and the detectives, all the jun'sdictions,” “gave the lawyer close to two mil, he handles all the killings,” “we don’t speak bout **** on wax, it’s all mob business, we know to kill the biggest cats of all kittens."
  • "Take It To Trial": “take this **** to ************* trial,” “for slimes you know I kill, trial, I done beat it twice, state, I’m undefeated like feds came and snatched me, I don’t know, no point in asking, I was on Bleveland, stuck like a magnet, ***** *** *****, I shoot at your mammy, need to stand down, I up my stamina, take it to trial, get an appeal, take it to trial, yeah, you gon wack em,” “pay for that casket, that’s just if we whack em,” “my young ****** pulling up, Bentleys, Aston Martins, Raris and Teslas, Strapped with a FN, choppas, carbons,” “ YSL slimey and shady,” “watch me whack that *****, pop em like a cyst, Glock with the assist."
  • "Really Be Slime": “My *****, really, they slime, and we committing them crimes,” “hop out and shoot,” “roll one up for the gang,” “you wanna be slime? Go catch you a body,” “me and lil bro, we used to steal from the store, we had to stick it and go."
  • "Slatty": “I killed his man in front of his momma, like **** lil bruh, sister and his cousin,” “I shoot out,” “kill em, not leaving a trace,” “I had to break in the safe, yeah, and I didn’t leave em a trace,” “dissect your body like science class, *****,” “gangster cause you got a body, lil *****, magazine clips, so you might get your issue, you think you gangster cause you got a pistol,” “look at my trigger, my trigger start itching,” “YSL, we going overboard."
  • "Ski": “I **** with slatts and we come to eat rats and I came with some ****** piranhas” “I tote an FN on me, call Neechie-Neech, it’s a Glock he keep” “Duke Rollin’ 60’s, he locked in C’s."

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