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Look Good, Feel Better: Helping women cope with cancer

The Look Good, Feel Better Foundation partners with beauty professionals and the American Cancer Society to offer beauty workshops for women undergoing cancer treatment feel their best.

It's more than makeup and more than a makeover.

A special nonprofit is helping women with cancer discover beauty in their new normal.

Every year "Look Good, Feel Better" holds thousands of workshops across the country for women who are undergoing treatment for cancer. The journeys to the workshop are all different, but the women are united by the same challenges attributed to the effects of cancer.

The customized beauty workshop sessions address everything from lost eyebrows and hair loss to changes in skin tone and wig styling, using makeup and self-care as a way to help women coping with cancer.

The comradery between the women in the workshop is as integral as the takeaway beauty tips.

"We go through so many challenges with this," a participant told 11Alive. "Being in a room with other women going through the same thing makes you feel less alone, and that there are others out there fighting just as you are."

Learn more and find a program in your area here.