HOGANSVILLE, Ga. – A man was arrested at an elementary school Wednesday morning after he was allegedly found with a knife on campus.

Police were called to Hogansville Elementary where an unknown man was found in the school’s media room incoherent. The school told 11Alive they were holding an open day where parents of students could come to see what they were doing in class.

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Police said David Breazeal entered the front of the school and told the office he was a parent. The school said Breazeal showed his ID, signed in, and then left to go to a science room where the children were.

The school said Breazeal made it to the media room where staff said he was acting incoherently. That is when they learned he was not a parent and escorted him back to the front.

After police were called, officers located the 51-year-old man near the school and detained him after he was found with a knife. Police did not specify what type of knife he had.

"In any school is all you have to do is show your ID to go in?" Becky Cosper a Hogansville resident asked. "Just because anything can happen."

Another resident near the school said someone should be held accountable stating there isn't an excuse for it.

Breazeal was arrested for possession of a weapon on school property and transported to Troup County Jail.

Police wanted to clarify that Breazeal never came in contact with any students and no one was threatened by him. Hogansville Elementary said part of security is having every parent sign into the office but in light of this incident, they are going to reevaluate their process.