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Military mom of autistic son fighting for medical marijuana

A Georgia mother is fighting until the last minute to get cannabis oil for her autistic son
Terlaje plans to fight as long as she has to

ATLANTA -- Time is running out at the Georgia Capitol for legislation that would expand the current medical marijuana law.

The bill currently in the legislature still has to pass the house, senate, and governor's desk and there are only a few days left in the session.

It would expand the number of patients who would have access to cannabis oil, including those with Autism.

Until all the pieces fit, one Georgia mother plans to fight.

"He's my life, I live for him and I breathe for him and that'll never change," said Rose Terlaje, son has severe Autism.

Rose Terlaje is caught up in the politics playing out at the Georgia Capitol as she tries to lobby for a bill that will make it legal for her son to use cannabis oil.

"Me and my husband would take hours on the weekends, taking turns holding him down," said Terlaje.

Rose's son has spent the majority of his life covered in bruises.

He experiences fits of rage during which he beats himself.

"Within a two hour period, over 300 times."

Medicines did not seem to work, so Rose started giving her son cannabis oil.

She said it works.

"Within a week of starting it, he said I love you for the first time in two years."

In just a month on the oil, life is different.

The rage is under control and his words are starting to flow.

"Momma and Dada, lollipop is the cutest."

The problem is the Terlaje's are a military family and they are stationed at Fort Benning.

Until a bill passes in their favor Rose will continue to leave the base to give her son the oil.

"He's thriving and we're getting our lives back," added Terlaje.

The question many are asking is, what if it doesn't pass?

Will Rose still give her son the oil?

She is honest when talking about this.

"He needs it more than anything else, and he's my life."

She said there is no turning back, she couldn't possibly take it away.

The bill currently in the legislature has a long way to go with only a few days left in the session.

If it passes as is, Terlaje's son would be legal to use cannabis oil. 

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