You've been watching and waiting...and waiting and watching, and the day has finally arrived. April has delivered her calf...and it's a boy!!

We had been been checking the live cam at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, N.Y. since February to witness the birth.

At least 1.2 million people watched the birth live on the park's YouTube stream.

The growing giraffe family has become an internet sensation, with views from around the globe. April even has her own clothing line and website!

And it's not over yet. Next, Animal Adventure Park will have a contest to name the calf.

This video shows the actual birth. Some people may find it difficult to watch.

Q. So what happens next?

The calf has to stand, and quickly, if it wants to reach its mother to nurse. The baby may tumble about for a bit before finding its footing, Kunter said. Within the first day, though, it will should able to run, according to Animal Planet.

Q. Wow. Life is truly a miracle. What else should I know?

These births are worth celebrating: Giraffes are now classified as “vulnerable” to extinction, having plummeted in numbers by nearly 40 percent over the last three decades, according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

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Why was April's mate, Oliver, kept separate from April?

Male giraffes instinctively care about three things -- mating, fighting and eating. Oliver is only allowed inside with April a little at a time and under close supervision. Otherwise, he could be a danger to April and her calf by either fighting her, attempting to mate with her or eating her food. Male giraffes also are not part of the child rearing process.

How old is April?

We learned that April is 15 years old. In natural habitats, a giraffe's life span is about 15 years. However when in human care that can extend to 20-27 years. Patch explained that April is in good and strong condition that not only is her life span expected to go well past 15 years, depending on how she handles her fourth birth, she could possibly be fit enough to have more calves.

How long has April been with Animal Adventure Park?

April has been with Animal Adventure Park since September 2015 and this is her first calf birth at the park. Once her calf is born and she is done nursing it, he or she will move on to another facility as it's rare to keep family members together due to concerns about incest.