ROCHESTER, N.H. -- A New Hampshire car dealership is facing backlash for a popular gun campaign some say is poorly timed.

NBC News reporter Katherine Underwood reports that Hagan's Motor Pool is offering an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle along with some of its cars as part of "Buy a car get an AR".

And while some residents are saying that the sale is inappropriate so close to a gun-related tragedy in Orlando, owner Mike Hagan, a combat veteran who returned from Afghanistan in 2010, said it's one of his most successful promotions.

He said the promotion has led to 10 vehicle purchases - though he admits that five declined the firearm. In all four took the rifle and one got a pistol.

The deal offers the weapons to buyers who purchase cars with a specific sticker on them through a nearby gun store.

The partnering firearms dealer then goes through all required background checks. If the new car owner passes, they soon become a new gun owner as well.

Some in the New Hampshire neighborhood say the sale's promotion is inappropriate so close to an Orlando shooting that left 49 dead and more than 50 injured.

But Hagan made clear to NBC that his promotion is not in any way a reaction to the shooting in Orlando.

Hagan said anyone who holds a promotion that "exploits a terrorist event" is "reprehensible" and that this was not his intention.

But he told NBC that now, more than ever, his customers are expressing a desire to arm themselves.

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