ATLANTA -- A handful of Georgia residents are making their way home after becoming witness to one of the darkest points in the modern history of the United States.

Jason Adams of Flowery Branch, Georgia was at a music festival in Las Vegas when hundreds of shots rained down upon the crowd.

"It was pretty crazy, my wife and I were pretty close to the stage," Adams said. "As soon as the shots rang out we weren't really sure what it was, we thought it was like fireworks or something."

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He said that they immediately dropped to the ground.

"And then we kind of sat there for a second and then he started shooting again and we just kind of ran towards the exits," he said.

All told, the shooting claimed the life of more than 50 people and injured hundreds more at a venue where fans were originally enjoying a concert by country music artist Jason Aldean.

"My wife, God bless her, like, we had to scale a 10-foot fence because we were kind of caged in there because of all the security," Adams said.

He recalled that, in the confusion and darkness, he and his wife helped some girls get over the fence as everyone looked for exits - and the gunman. He said it wasn't clear for a while that the bullets were coming from above.


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Mark and Becky Rigor of Dallas, Georgia were also at the concert that night. They teared up as they recounted the moments that followed.

"I thought it was helicopters coming over just spraying us with bullets," Becky said. "We hit the ground and he covered me and I got up and seen one man shot and then when the bullets would quit, we would run and then as soon as we heard the first bullet we would get in cover again."

Mark said it happened at least three or four times - each time a renewed terror striking everyone on the ground regardless of who was hit.

Another woman, Marguerite Davis, was at the Mandalay Bay hotel for a different concert when the shots were fired. Becky said she'd seen the show before. So when the lights came on, she knew something was different.

"They had paused the show completely and they brought back on the lights so I just thought they were doing something different," she said.

Then came the announcement of an "active situation" in the building.

"Everyone get down and stay in your seats," she said.

She later learned of the havoc nearby and that 32 floors above her was where the shooter had been perched as he shot into the crowd below.

"You could hear the gunshots but you didn't really recognize what it was," Davis said. "You could hear the loud noise but that was about it."

For her, it was just a blessing to still be alive after that horrible night.

"You're there at a concert with your family and the next thing you know you're hiding under chairs," she said.