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Someone turned a bazooka in at a gun buyback event - seriously

Someone turned in a bazooka at a gun buyback event on Saturday in San Francisco.

A bazooka was one of many weapons turned in on Saturday at a gun buyback program in San Francisco, California.

A violence prevention and youth development organization known as "United Playaz" held the event in San Francisco's South of Market District.

Executive Director Rudy Corpuz Jr. led the initiative to ensure people's safety by keeping guns off the streets.

The first generation Filipino-American said he got caught up in gangs and guns and was in and out of jail in the early 90s.

After his final release in 1993, Corpuz decided to change his life and focused on keeping youth off the streets through his organization.

During the event, Corpuz said more than 180 guns were turned in. San Francisco police loaded a van with rifles, shotguns and various handguns.

Authorities encouraged people to stop by to turn over weapons and said they would not ask questions.

"It's important because every gun that we destroy and we get off the streets is a potential gun that could've killed somebody or destroy our whole universe," Corpuz said. "Just one of those guns and so getting any, even if we just got one gun off the streets, though - one gun - we winnin'."

In addition to the bazooka, he added that someone had already turned in a cannonball. Corpuz said that the holidays bring more domestic violence, killings, and suicides.

"I'm not against the second amendment but I am against senseless gun violence," he said.