A major electric car company is using its technology to lend a helping hand to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Ricans.

According to Fortune.com, Tesla has already begun sending hundreds of Powerwall battery systems to the island to help restore power to the island - something largely missing after Hurricane Maria slammed into the island just over a week ago.

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These batteries can be paired with solar panels to help store electricity - and Fortune reports more batteries are still being shipped. Employees of the company are also on the island helping install the batteries and repair or implement solar panel systems.


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Elon Musk's company is only the latest of many major companies donating money or man-hours to the recovery effort in Puerto Rico - which follows close on the heels of other efforts on the mainland after a rough hurricane season.

Fortune reports Musk is also donating $250,000 to the relief effort.

This is the latest effort by the company to aid those impacted by recent hurricanes. As NBC News reports, Tesla wirelessly upgraded the batteries of car owners in some of their base model vehicles if they were in the path of Hurricane Irma. That was possible since the batteries were essentially the same ones that were in more expensive models for production reasons. But the extra juice was locked away unless drivers paid for the upgrade.

Those upgrades were provided for free to those trying to escape the Sunshine State to give them an estimated 230-mile range.