When Caleb Green told his dad Sylus he wanted to read 100 books in one day, Sylus wasn't so sure.

But Caleb, 4, wouldn't let go of the idea.

"After he kept asking, I figured he was going to do it," Sylus said.

So Sylus took to the internet to stream his son's accomplishment live as Caleb slowly checked off book after book.

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"My name is Caleb Green," he begins.

"Today I'm going to read 100 books."

Just under two hours later-- including periodic dance breaks-- Caleb did just that.

In the days after the video, donations of books and money in his name have poured in from friends, family members, and corporations to support reading organizations in his hometown of Chicago, Caleb's mom Rhoda told Daily Blast Live.

The key to getting Caleb and kids like him to be excited about reading?

Sylus said it helps to make it fun and find books with subjects kids like to read about.

"It's like training for a marathon," Sylus said.