NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — A Newport News neighborhood's innocence was compromised Wednesday evening when a man projected an adult film on his garage for the entire neighborhood to watch.

"That's not the reputation we would want to have, having pornography being displayed on a garage door,” said one neighbor.

According to Newport News Police, an adult movie was screened on the garage door of a house on 79th street around 7 p.m. Wednesday. The projector was still sitting on the front porch.

"Very disappointing and very unbelievable that somebody would be that bold to show something like that, openly, in a family neighborhood with kids playing around,” said Marquita White.

White is one of several parents growing with rage.

"My younger one isn't even in the idea of being talked to about those kinds of things. The fact that she could see it and not even understand what's happening,” said another parent.

Police officers arrested and charged 41-year-old Antonio Smallwood with obscene sexual display and obstruction of justice without force or threats.

Neighbors said it's not the first time they've witnessed Smallwood acting erratic.

"He'd often come out of his house shouting, screaming random things," said one neighbor. “Two months ago he came out and started a bonfire in his driveway.”

Parents who saw the movie with their own eyes said no doubt it was a professional porno. As the actors screamed, the parents also screamed for their children to run inside.

"They don't see things like that. So to see something like that in the neighborhood, that is definitely not anything that should be shown,” said White.

As for White’s 12-year-old daughter Amore, she was not outside at the time, and she is thankful for that.

"That would have been nasty and I would have told my mom to call 911," said Amore. “No one should have that on their garage door, if they want to watch that, they should watch that inside."