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Some airlines add pre-flight health questionnaire to COVID safety measures

In addition to mask requirements and increased cleaning, some airlines are requiring passengers to fill out a pre-flight health questionnaire.

Some airlines have added a new safety measure meant to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and ease the minds of anxious passengers. 

It's a required health checklist that asks each customer about any potential exposure to the virus. 

United Airlines announced its "Ready-to-Fly checklist" which it developed with guidance from the Cleveland Clinic. The survey asks customers to acknowledge that they will wear a mask on the flight, do not have COVID-19 symptoms and have not had close contact with someone who has tested positive in 14 days. 

Alaska Airlines has adopted a similar policy that will begin June 30. During check-in, flyers will have to complete a survey confirming they are healthy, have not had contact with a symptomatic person and they will wear a face mask. 

Frontier also requires passengers certify they have not experienced any symptoms in the last 14 days, nor has anyone in their household. 

These surveys are the latest in airline safety measures. Many companies have already enacted extra cleaning procedures, mask requirements and social distancing measures. 

After a pronounced slump in air travel in the spring, airlines are adding back flights as they hope to salvage some lost revenue during the key summer travel season. As of Monday, investors had driven shares for the major airlines back to their early March levels, before the coronavirus forced the U.S. economy to a standstill. 

Still, the schedules in the U.S. will be limited compared with a year ago, and international travel remains even more restrained. Even with the recent surge in airlines shares, the an index of U.S. and international carriers remains well below its 2020 high from mid-February.

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