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Are banks closed on Election Day? A look at what's open and what's not

Planning on making some other stops on Election Day? Here is a look at how operating hours might impact places like banks and stores, so you can plan ahead.
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Tuesday is Election Day, which is sure to be the focus for tens of millions of Americans. 

While many have already cast their votes by mail or in-person, millions more are expected to head to the polls. And while most stores and offices will be open, some are planning to be closed to make sure employees have time to cast their votes.  

Here's a look at how operating hours may be different for some businesses on Election Day. 

Are banks closed on Election Day? 

Election Day hours for banks and other businesses could see some changes, so here's a general guide to get you ready for your socially distant trip outside. 

While banks are usually closed to observe federal holidays, Election Day is not a federal holiday. Therefore, you should expect to see your local bank open as usual. 

While popular banks like SunTrust, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Chase Bank, Wells Fargo and others should be open under normal operating hours on Tuesday Nov. 3, they are expected to have different holiday hours over the next two months for the upcoming holiday season.

Banking services like ATMs, online banking and mobile banking, though, should not be noticeably impacted for either the holiday season or Election Day. 

For some states, Election Day is a state holiday, but banks are still expected to run under normal operating hours even in those states. 

Election Day hours for some national retailers

While banks across the board are expected to be open on Election Day, some national retailers have adjusted hours to give employees time to cast their ballots. 

Best Buy is changing its store Election Day hours for the first time in its history. The Minnesota-based retailer said in a statement, "it’s incredibly important to us that our employees feel empowered to share their voices by voting." So, Best Buy stores won't open until noon local time on Tuesday, Nov. 3. 

Bath & Body Works has decided to do the same, by opening stores at noon local time so that associates have a chance to vote in-person. The retailer has been vocal about racial injustice and inequality and have announced charitable contributions to causes related to voting rights as well. 

A business-led nonpartisan coalition of 700 companies are also taking part in an initiative called Time to Vote. These organizations have committed to supporting flexible hours, along with other options like paid time off, to encourage voters to get to the polls and boost voter participation in the U.S.

Time to Vote has published a list of participating retailers who "want to contribute to the culture shift needed to increase voter participation" in U.S. elections, according to the organization

As part of that initiative, J.Crew, Madewell, Away and Patagonia stores will all be closed on Election Day this year. 

Some businesses in major cities, while planning to remain open, have boarded up storefronts and covered glass windows in preparation for any potential unrest. In the nation's capital, some businesses have been putting up plywood to be ready in case of possible unrest like we've seen in various cities earlier this year. 

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