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Police therapy dog caught hoarding toys from charity drive

A police department learned a valuable lesson. If you're going to store donated Christmas toys inside the station, make sure your therapy dog can't reach them.

When a Massachusetts police department noticed a few toys that had been set aside to be donated mysteriously disappeared, it didn't take long to find the four-legged culprit. 

The Franklin Police Department caught their therapy dog, a golden retriever named Ben Franklin, in the act.

Turns out they had been storing all their donated toys for the Santa Foundation in a classroom inside the police department. But the door was unlocked and some of the toys were on the ground. 

“When they saw him walking out of the classroom, they were like: ‘What is he doing?’" Deputy Chief James Mill told Boston 25. 

So officers decided to keep watch and wouldn't you know, they caught Ben Franklin trying to make off with a toy. Officers posted video on their Facebook page that showed the adorable pup leading them right to his hideout...under a desk. 

Deputy Chief Mill told Boston 25 that "when Ben saw the toys, he thought they all belonged to him." 

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The police department said on Facebook that they learned if you have a classroom full of toys to always close the door or keep the toys elevated. 

"If not, a golden retriever will slowly hoard them throughout the day and bring them back to his lair," the Facebook post joked. 

The police department said they wound up replacing the toys Ben Franklin stole and slobbered on, so his little act of larceny won't impact anyone else's Christmas celebration.