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WATCH: New video shows just how close rioters got to lawmakers during Capitol insurrection

Pounding on office doors, shrieking threats of violence and shattered windows: This was just some of what was shown during Wednesday's impeachment.

WASHINGTON — New footage shown during former President Donald Trump's second impeachment trial depicts just how close rioters got to lawmakers during the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, offering a more detailed look at what unfolded and the proximity to which violence touched legislators and congressional staffers. 

The video, shown by House impeachment managers during Wednesday's joint session hearing, shows a sequence path of Trump's supporters from the president's speech on the National Mall to the Capitol grounds, highlighting on a 3D model where rioters ended up breaching the building.

Here's a recap of some of the key footage presented during the impeachment trial.

Rally to Capitol breach, explained in 3D models

Wednesday's trial video kicked off with snippets from Trump's "Save America" rally, where the former president espoused unfounded claims that the election was "rigged" and told supporters to "fight like hell."

From their spot on the Ellipse, crowds of rioters began heading toward the Capitol -- some armed with weapons and others already chanting about "storming the Capitol and starting a revolution."

Previously unreleased radio communications from Jan. 6 highlight officers warning of the growing crowds and calling for backup. Impeachment managers played the audio from the siege, where Capitol Police are heard declaring it a riot.

By 1:40 p.m., the crowds outside of the Capitol begin growing even more. Those outside of the Capitol push back on fencing set up by Capitol Police, shouting "F*ck you!" and "Traitor!" at officers attempting, and sometimes failing, to block their path. 

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Calls for execution, lawmakers scramble around Senate

The first group of rioters trying to break into the Capitol Building are seen in full tactical gear, with echoes of "Hang Mike Pence!" beginning to build both outside and inside the building.

A dozen or so of those lawmakers were still inside the Senate chamber when the attacks broke out, with crowds of rioters directly outside. 

Other lawmakers like Vice President Mike Pence, and his staff and family, were shown evacuating down a flight of stairs from the second floor, just feet away from Capitol Police and rioters battling near the Senate.

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House impeachment manager Rep. Stacey Plaskett emphasized during Wednesday's trial just how close the violence got to Pence, saying they "were within 100 feet" of where he was sheltering with family.

"The mob was looking for Vice President Pence because of his patriotism, because the vice president refused to do what the president demanded and overturn the election results," Plaskett said Wednesday, sharing that extremists were coordinating online and discussing the ways to "hunt down" the vice president. "Journalists in the Capitol reported they heard rioters say they were looking for Pence in order to execute him."

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Eugene Goodman warns of violence, diverts crowds from Mitt Romney

While many were already inside screaming for Pence, other rioters are seen walking through Capitol hallways trying to find lawmakers like Nancy Pelosi and other senators.

Eugene Goodman, the U.S. Capitol Police officer who has been nominated for a Congressional Gold Medal of Honor, runs to stop Sen. Mitt Romney from walking toward the rioters. The now-infamous video of Goodman shows him later leading the rioters away from the Senate chambers.

WATCH: Security video from Jan. 6 shows Eugene Goodman running to Sen. Mitt Romney to warn of the attack.

Other impeachment managers, like Rep. Eric Swalwell, noted that the public hadn't been made aware of just how close some of the rioters got to senators and how close Goodman and Officer Daniel Hodges were to warn them off.

"Rioters crushed Officer Hodges," Swalwell said. "He was wedged in the doorway, blood dripping from his mouth. He was struggling to breathe. All while the insurrectionists hit him. I am sorry I have to show you the next video, but in it, you will see how blessed we were that on that hellish day, we had a peacemaker like Officer Hodges protecting our lives and our staff's lives, as well as the Capitol and the certification process."

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Nancy Pelosi's office breached

While lawmakers on the second and first floors were evacuating, others near House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office were barricading themselves into an interior room, hiding from rioters who managed to get near, and eventually in, the office.

Staffers said "they could hear the mob through her office, breaking down the doors and yelling 'Where are you Nancy?'"  Dressed in bullet-proof vests, rioters crouched on the ground, one with a stun gun seen strapped to their chest.

Citing an FBI affidavit during the hearing, Plaskett emphasized the mob's plans to kill top officials like Pelosi.

"They said that anyone they got their hands on, they would have killed, including Nancy Pelosi," Plaskett said. "And that, quote, ‘They would have killed Vice President Mike Pence if given the chance.'" They were talking about assassinating the vice president of the United States."

Why this footage is different

While footage from inside the Capitol has been shared in small snippets and cellphone video records before Wednesday's trial, it was one of the first times a solidified timeline of the events —  and their visual elements — were pieced together, emphasizing motives and illustrating intent. 

Now, those watching the impeachment trial were able to hear the gunfire of an officer shooting Ashli Babbit as she attempted to break through a window to enter the Speaker's Lobby. Now, one could see just how close, through 3D models and other assisted presentations by impeachment managers, many of these insurrectionists actually were to barricaded lawmakers.

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