COLLETON COUNTY, S.C. — Documents have been released in the death of 10-year-old Raniya Wright, the South Carolina girl who died in a classroom last month.

The Colleton County Sheriff's Office released the documents, which included the 911 call from the Forest Hills Elementary school as well as statements from 15 students who were in the classroom when the fight occurred.

It came on the same day the sheriff's department and the prosecutor determined she died of natural causes, not from injuries sustained in a fight with another student. The pathologist determined she had a rare blood vessel disorder in her brain which triggered a rupture and then her death. 

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No criminal charges were filed.

While the students had different views of the altercation between Raniya and another student, they all described a similar narrative of Raniya and the other student picking on each other before the altercation in the classroom.

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One student described Raniya hitting the other student while walking towards the front of the class. The other student then got her and put her in a "choke hold."

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Students say they saw Raniya hit her head on the shelf in the classroom.

The substitute teacher broke up the fight, saying:

"When the situation occurred I had my back turned. I saw the two students engaged in a fight behind my chair. I separated the two young ladies. I don't know what made the two young ladies fight. I do know they were arguing back and forth previous to the altercation."

Investigators say her death was not due to the fight between her and another student, nor from any type of trauma from the altercation at school. Instead investigators say she died from natural causes.