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Neighbor slits dog's throat in Henry County, police report says

After meeting with multiple witnesses as well as the dog’s owner, authorities said they decided not to pursue charges.
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A man's dog is dead after one of his neighbors slit the pet's throat over the weekend. 

After police talked with multiple witnesses about what happened, the neighbor accused of killing the Golden Retriever will not be facing any charges, according to authorities.

The incident happened Sunday on Fisher Mill Drive in McDonough.

The Henry County Police report said when officers responded to the situation, they found the dog lying in the yard across the street from his owner's house. The report indicates the dog's owner told police his neighbor slit his pet's throat.

A witness who also lives nearby told police she was sitting on the porch when she saw the encounter. 

According to the police report, the man - identified as the neighbor accused of killing the animal - and his wife walking were walking when the dog ran up to them barking. The police report said the man turned around and pulled out a knife from his waist. The witness said the dog didn't lunge or bite them, but the man lunged at the dog and slit its throat.

Another neighbor said she saw the dog run up to the couple, as well. She also told police the pet was barking at them and the man placed his wife behind him. She thought he only punched the dog, but later realized the dog was stabbed in the neck, according to the report.

Police also spoke to the man accused of killing the dog, who told them a similar story. He said when the dog ran up to him and his wife, he put his hand out and tried to tell the pet to stop. The report claims after the dog didn't and that's when he pulled out his knife and stabbed the pet in the neck. 

The incident report said police saw the knife lying on a garbage can with blood on the blade at the scene.

The dog's owner told officers the golden retriever has chased people before, but he said he told his neighbor the dog doesn't bite. The police report said another neighbor also said the pet has a history of being aggressive and chasing people in the neighborhood.

Police said no charges will be filed against the dog owner or the complainant who claimed he was being attacked by the dog. 

The Animal Care and Control Department also conducted an investigation into possible animal cruelty charges. After meeting with multiple witnesses as well as the dog’s owner, the department said they decided they will not be pursuing charges. 


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