The Salubi family said it’s still like a dream. They woke up Thursday morning expecting to hear the baby playing in her crib. But the reality is hard to bear.

Their 8-month-old daughter, Enita Salubi, was murdered, allegedly by her own nanny.

The 66-year-old nanny, Oluremi Oyindasola, is behind bars on $1 million Bond.

She is facing charges of second-degree murder. Police said the baby woke her up from a nap, so she snatched Enita from her walker, ripped the nipple off a bottle and poured seven ounces of milk down the baby’s throat.

According to court documents the baby can be seen on the family’s nanny cam fighting off the feeding and struggling to breath but that didn’t stop Oyindasola, police said.

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The nanny was captured pouring yet another full bottle down the baby’s throat until she was unresponsive. She allegedly waited 20 minutes before calling the father back home to get help

The family is still not ready to talk on camera but invited me into their home and shared pictures and videos of the bright-eyed little girl.

The Salubi’s have a 2- and 3-year-old who are still waiting for their baby sister to come home. The father said it is a pain no parent should bear.

Neighbors claimed to have heard the baby crying constantly while they were away at work. The father said he wished they would have told him.

Oyindasola’s bond hearing was postponed until Friday until the court can find an interpreter for her.