ATLANTA -- With this year's flu season in full swing, flu shots are still available at nationwide pharmacies like CVS, Kroger, Walgreens, and Rite Aid, supermarket pharmacies like Publix and Kroger, and major retailers like Costco and Target.

These locations typically offer two types of vaccines, either a regular flu shot or a nasal-spray flu vaccine. The CDC says both vaccines protect against the three influenza viruses that are most prevalent right now.

Today, Bill Liss and the Help Desk investigated to see which pharmacies and major retailers have the flu vaccine after a run of the vaccine this weekend.

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With a run on flu shots over the weekend at local health centers and at major retailers, some pharmacies are now in short supply or have used up their flu vaccine.

A random check by the 11Alive Help Desk has found that Walgreen, CVS and Rite Aid, along with pharmacies in some Target, Kroger and Publix stores have either run out of vaccine or are running low.

In a prepared statement, Walgreen told 11Alive that "due to increased demand for flu shots in recent weeks, select locations may currently be experiencing shortages in supply of flu vaccine."

It was a statement that was echoed by Rite Aid.

Both say they are moving quickly to restock the stores early this week.

And the pharmacies are not alone.

Howell Mill Kroger pharmacist Jackie Siers says:

"We have had some our stores run out of the vaccine but we are restocking our Metro Atlanta stores and we are encouraging all of our customers to call in advance," she said.

"We received a shipment on Saturday so we are well stocked at this point," she added.

Siers says other Kroger stores are also being restocked early this week as well. It was a statement echoed by Target and Publix.

As stores restock, calling the pharmacy first is a must.

They say they will guide customers to stores are do have the vaccine.

And, no doubt the vaccine is in demand.

"We have not had them and everyone but mom has had the flu including Dad. We are going to get them tomorrow and everyone I have talked to says it's not too late," says Beth McCormack.

Remember that pharmacies can only give flu shots to people 13 years of age and older.

Younger children have to see a pediatrician or nurses assistant.

Most places, including the State's Public Health Departments, still have a good supply of the vaccine.