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Amazing Grace touching many lives, giving hope in her battle against cancer

Friends, teachers, families from church came to let the friend they call "Amazing Grace" and her family know, they are not alone.

Person by person, family by family love is arriving.

Dressed in red, carrying umbrellas on a clear day, love is arriving on Meridian Mark Road.

They are all here gathered on the grass outside of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta because they have been touched by a remarkable young teenage girl and her family

“Grace inspires me to look at every day differently,” Said one of her friends. “I look for the good and have strength because I have seen what she has gone through.”

Friends, teachers, families from church have come to let the friend they call “Amazing Grace” and her family know, they are not alone.

“We are here as a representation of love.” Said Julie Brown, one of Grace’s teachers who organized the event.

Inside, Grace Bunke fights her cancer for each moment. She is too sick to leave the hospital, so they have come to her. They’ve chosen this street because from their hospital window on the 5th floor Grace and her family can see the line of love.

The group of friends on the grass below wave and blow kisses to the Bunke family in the window.

The Bunkes sees the big group of people who love the, dressed in red and holding their umbrellas high. The umbrellas have represented faith and hope for a miracle for the Bunke family. Faith through a long storm that can feel so unfair. It’s been more than 2 years since Grace was diagnosed with osteosarcoma.

The Bunke family has inspired each person here with the way they have fought to look for the silver linings, the lessons, and even the joy in a journey that has also been impossibly sad and grueling.

So, love has arrived to surrounded them with a sea of support. The group sings the hymn “Amazing Grace” and Grace and her family can hear it from their room through a phone. They all kneel to pray. Each person writes a special message to fill a basket that will be taken to Grace’s bedside.

Each gesture is love and is a reminder to Grace and her family they are never alone.

Grace Bunke’s Mom Vicki has been sharing their journey in a blog to loved ones. This is an excerpt:

“The beauty of life likes underneath. Not on top or on the surface. It likes in Room 575 where a young teenage girl with cancer continues to fight for her life and a tear comes down her face when we tell her we love her and stroke her hair. It likes in a group of medical providers who are working around the clock in an effort to make our daughter and their patience we all love comfortable. It lies in thousands of people being moved to pray for our family as we teeter on the edge of losing a loved one. It lies in the countless people meeting our needs just as we realize we need them or very often, just before. It likes in a word of encouragement, support, or great comfort so perfectly timed it would never make it into a move as it is simply not plausible. It likes in magical moments in the midst of darkness bringing about a contrast so stark that it can’t possibly be ignored.”

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