GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. -- The excitement from Primrose School students can be heard and felt--and it's not just because they're on a field trip.


"They're gonna be thankful for us," Chloe Westover, a student at Primrose, said.

The 4- and 5-year-olds have learned what it means to give, and they are putting that knowledge into action.

"Sharing is caring," student Kanuri Fowler-Yikdalo said.

The children from the Primrose School on Sugarloaf Parkway have worked to collect donations for the 11Alive Can-a-thon.

The group dropped off 207 cans at the a Salvation Army facility in Gwinnett County--just a fraction of the more than 1,600 items collected by the school group that serves families with children as young as 6-weeks-old all the way up to kindergarten.

Students from Primrose School at Sugarloaf Parkway visit a local Salvation Army after colleting food for the 11Alive Can-A-Thon

Teacher Charlotte Gatlin, said the students got the meet some of the families they will be helping.

"They actually had a realization that we are helping babies too, not just adults. They're helping children too and I think that was amazing for them to see," Gatlin said.

Touring the Salvation Army pantry and campus, the young students now have a firsthand look at how their efforts will help others.

"It will develop who they are as adults," Gatli said. "To give and to know that they're giving and to understand what giving does can develop what they will become."

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