If Virginia Hitson seems familiar, there's a good reason why. The Salvation Army Volunteer and 11Alive Community Service Award recipient continues to do her part helping feed those in need.


"I would like to do more," she said.

Last year, the Salvation Army served more than 160,000 meals to families, sending them home with boxes to fill their tables at no cost. It is a daunting task for their panty with such a great need in metro communities.

"When the pantry's full, I think God and thank all the people that help us," said Hitson. "When it's empty, it's just so sad, because I don't have nothing to put in the boxes and the people always coming, every day."

"The need is so great and we really do go through quite a bit of our resources in our food pantry on any given day," said Lt. Jeremy Mockabee with the Salvation Army.

Hitson sends off every box she prepares with a prayer for the family who will receive it. She works to load up each one with a balanced meal in mind, but that is not always easy.

"The first thing they think about donations...cans," she said. "We need the breakfast items and maybe some treats for the children once in a while."

Hitson says items like cereal, oatmeal are often needed. She says they could also use meat items like canned tuna or chicken to help feed the bodies and sprits of the people she serves.

"Not only food, it's love," she said. "And it's understanding."

It's a small consideration that means a lot for Hitson and those who depend on the Salvation Army to help provide for their families.

"I can't say with words because it's so fulfilling to see the faces when I give them the box. The thank you, is not just a thank you, it's from here," she said tapping her chest.

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