(WXIA) -- They focused on giving their courage, compassion, ideas and patience.

There's Luke Putney, among many missions.

"Go for it," he said, handing a guitar to a younger child. "To bring instruments to those children that need that hope to get through."

Givinginstruments can bring a note of happiness to kids with cancer.

Nina Brantefounded "Strength and Stilettos" to collect and sell prom gowns. They raised $2,000 and will grant two $500 college scholarships to girls.

Sayah Ahmed immerses herself in the lives of refugee children from all over the world.

"Helping these little kids that are so amazing and that are from such tough situations, tougher from what I was from," she said about her work.

Jonathan Velasquez tutors younger children and came up with the idea for a summer music camp for underprivileged kids.

Allison Rogg started a chapter of the nationally acclaimed Girl Talk program, where high school girls mentor middle school girls.