This is probably a bad idea.

We can foresee the complaints. A special report about politics? And national politics, at that? It’s probably biased. It’s fake news. I hear enough about President Trump already. Why should I watch a 30-minute special about him?

But this isn’t about politics. It’s not fake. And it’s not a referendum on President Trump – at least, not in the way you’re used to seeing.

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We’re not chasing after Tweets. We’re not bathing in gossip. We have no interest in continuing the shouting match the plagues too many of our newsfeeds, timelines, and conversations.

We want to examine the leadership of our president in a way that’s not done enough: through the voices and perspectives of the people he serves.

That is the lens through which we present Georgia in Trump’s America.

You will hear from voices across the political spectrum. You will hear from people of different ages, races, and genders. You will hear perspectives that align with yours. You will hear ones that challenge yours.

We don’t look to change your mind. We don’t wish to use our platform to placate. We want to expand your vision and enlighten the conversation. We urge you to examine how you would answer the question:

How has my life changed in the past year?

We’re ready to listen. Send me your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter, or by e-mail at

We know it may not work. But we believe it’s our job to try.

Watch the special below, or click on the five individual stories to see how various Georgians are experiencing the Trump presidency.

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