ATLANTA – Gray hair is inevitable for anyone of an advancing age, but more and more young people are intentionally dying their hair to resemble that of an older generation.


To many people, watching your head transform into a shiny white crown is not that appealing. They dye their hair to hide the gray.

Now, there is a new trend.

Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga are among the celebrities who have purposely added gray to their otherwise young appearance.

Stylist Jenn Jones of Creature Studio in Atlanta says she now gets the request all the time. She believes it is the result of older folks embracing the natural progression of gray.

“Women, in general, have become more comfortable with themselves,” says Jones. “So younger women started to say, ‘oh, my God, that looks stunning, how about I create that on myself.’”

Going gray naturally happens when the pigment cells in your hair dye. The color fades, your hair turns transparent, producing shades of gray.

So, to add gray to a blonde or brunette, Jones has to bleach away the natural color, then mix and paint in the new color, let it sit and oxidize, blow it dry, and everything old is new again.

“It’s kind of a unique look without having to be as bold as a pink or blue,” says Callen Dupree, who has added a little gray.

There are products to help the new gray last. Eventually, however, it will fade away.

But to those who enjoy a crown of silver, don’t worry. It will come back.