STOCKBRIDGE, Ga. -- A man who police believe robbed a Dollar General store was shot and killed after he allegedly broke into a home while fleeing from authorities Tuesday night.

According to Henry County police, Robert MacDonald, 26, held a knife to an employee at the Dollar General Store off of East Atlanta Road around 9:42 p.m.

MacDonald took money from a cash register and ran jumped into the bed of a truck waiting outside, police said.

"One of the officers responding saw that vehicle and attempted to stop that vehicle - and in fact did stop that vehicle," Henry County Police Captain Mike Ireland said.

Investigators said Macdonald's two buddies didn't know a robbery had occurred and immediately pulled over. But they said McDonald jumped out of the pick-up truck and ran into a wooded area off of Mays Road.

Within minutes, a homeowner called 911. Officers were dispatched to reports of a home invasion on Kinsey Drive.

"And this is in reference to a home invasion," Captain Ireland said.

The homeowner said he heard his dogs bark and went out the floor door to check but didn't see anything suspicious. He went back inside. Once he got into his bedroom, he heard glass break and heard the suspect enter the house. The homeowner's son encountered MacDonald in the hall and said the suspect approached him in a threatening manner, according to police.

MacDonald, who had cuts on his hands, told the son that he was on the run from police. The homeowner grabbed a shotgun from behind the door, pointed at the suspect and yelled for help from his father.

Officers said MacDonald began threatening the teenager and then the father came out with a handgun and fired. The bullet struck MacDonald in the chest. He died at the scene from his injuries.

Neighbors said they sympathized with the homeowner who police said was forced to shoot and kill the suspect.

"Your property is being invaded so I can understand that," resident Tom Nelson said. "I'm a little astounded."

Neighbors in this rural area believe a lot of folks in this community have firearms.

"It's not the kind of place that you would expect someone to come and break into your house," resident Shane Crim said.

Officers said the two young men riding with MacDonald's are not facing charges because they were not aware of the robbery. And as of now the homeowner is not facing any charges for pulling the trigger. The incident is under investigation.