One man said he was shot in the back when two suspects approached him at a gas station on Martin Luther King Drive overnight. 

Police said when they arrived to the scene the victim was alert, conscious, and breathing. He told police he was able to drive himself to his child's mother’s home on Narron Drive. 

The 23-year-old said he was driving his brothers storage truck at the time of the shooting. He told police that he delivers furniture for his brother’s business.

The man said he was approached by two dark skinned black males and shot at the gas station. One suspect had on a black and gray top with black and gray pants and the other suspect was wearing all black with ear length dreads. That man allegedly had a black HiPoint firearm with an extended magazine.

The victim said he stuffed his money in his pants after he was shot. 

Officers went to the area of the location and used technology in an attempt to determine the exact location of the incident. However, they still weren’t able to find the exact location. 

The man was transported to Grady Hospital with injuries police said there not life threatening. 

The police are still searching for answers.