LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga – Another protest is being planned for Tuesday night’s Gwinnett County commission meeting, calling for Commissioner Tommy Hunter to resign.

Hunter called U.S. Rep. John Lewis “a racist pig” on a now-deleted Facebook posting after Lewis called then-President-elect Donald Trump “an illegitimate president.”

Hunter has since apologized for what he called “a poor choice of words.”

However, the Gwinnett Democratic Party is continuing to call for Hunter’s resignation, and is calling for supporters to attend the commission meeting, according to party chairman Gabe Okoye.

“John Lewis as a leader of the civil rights movement is to be commended and emulated,” said Hunter during last week’s commission meeting.

“That doesn’t mean that I will always agree with him politically,” Hunter said. “I will not allow baseless accusations of racism against me or anyone to keep people from speaking up when something is wrong.

“I have learned a lot from this and will continue to work hard to serve all of District 3 and the people of Gwinnett County.”

Lewis made his remarks during an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” the week before Trump’s inauguration. Lewis was referring to allegations that Russian hacking interfered with the presidential election’s outcome.

“I understand emotions are high and many are upset about the post,” Hunter acknowledged last week.

County commission chairwoman Charlotte Nash has sent a letter to Lewis, also apologizing for Hunter’s comments.

“I want to assure you the remarks posted by one commissioner do not reflect the opinion of the Board of Commissioners as a whole,” Nash wrote. “Nor do we condone the use of social media to spread negative thoughts about any one individual.

“Further, comments expressed by one individual do not reflect the opinions of Gwinnett County residents as a whole.”

Okoye said Hunter “is a disgrace to Gwinnett County and Georgia.”

“It's OK to disagree with Congressman Lewis, but you don't have to do it by name calling on social media,” Okoye said. “Mr. Hunter left middle school ages ago and should find a more dignified manner in which to express himself. His remarks not only reflect poorly on himself but also on Gwinnett County. What business would want to come here when we have Commissioners who conduct themselves this way?”