ATLANTA — Governor Brian Kemp is skipping a planned trip to Hollywood next week, as national attention grows about his signing of a restrictive abortion bill.  

Kemp has heard the drumbeat of protest from some Hollywood figures critical of the heartbeat law he signed last week.  The criticism has had a negligible impact on film production in Georgia, however -- fueled by a generous state tax credit.  

Georgia officials regularly schmooze with movie industry bigwigs in Los Angeles. One event in LA was scheduled for May 22 – with Governor Kemp and other state officials due to attend.  That got abruptly cancelled earlier this week.  

During a visit Wednesday at a school in Douglas County, Kemp said the he and other state officials expect to tour Georgia studios instead next week.

"We’re going to be touring local studios here. The film industry in Georgia is doing great," Kemp said. "I've said many times we can’t run from our values in this state. Our business environment is great, so I think we’re going to keep doing great in our film industry."

Kemp’s office said the visit to Los Angeles will be rescheduled for this fall – by which time, Georgia’s heartbeat law may be tied up in court.