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Acting US Attorney, appointed in wake of abrupt resignation by predecessor, resigns

President Trump appointed Bobby Christine to the position after B.J. Pak resigned abruptly. Christine has also now resigned.

ATLANTA — The Acting US Attorney for North Georgia has stepped down after spending less than a month in the role.

President Donald Trump appointed Bobby Christine to the position after former attorney Byung J. "BJay" Pak abruptly quit last month.

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Pak resigned, following a controversial phone call between former President Trump and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, in which Trump called Pak a "never-Trumper."

Trump made the reference during a recorded phone call in which he suggested Raffensperger might "find votes" to reverse the outcome of the presidential race in Georgia. The Justice Department is still looking into that now-infamous phone call.

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In his resignation letter, Pak cited "unforeseen circumstances." Pak was sworn in as U.S. attorney in the Atlanta-based Northern District of Georgia in October 2017 after having been appointed by Trump.

On Monday, the Justice Department announced that Kurt Erskine would replace Christine in the Northern District effective immediately. Christine, who was still the US Attorney for the Southern District of Georgia, will remain in that post, the DOJ said.

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