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Cagle broke the law when he threatened Delta, Democratic candidate says

ATLANTA - Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr’s office had no comment Thursday as a Democratic gubernatorial hopeful continued to press allegations that Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle violated state ethics laws when he threatened to “kill” any legislation benefiting Delta Air Lines.

State Rep. Stacey Evans is seeking the Democratic nomination for governor this fall, along with another former state lawmaker, Stacey Abrams.

Cagle is also running for governor, along with several other GOP candidates.

When Delta Air Lines canceled a long-standing discount for NRA members in wake of the Parkland, Fla., school shooting, Cagle said he would block a jet fuel sales tax exemption for Georgia’s largest employer, a proposal which had been sailing through the General Assembly.

But on Wednesday, the state Senate rules committee removed that exemption, an exemption which had been strongly supported by Gov. Nathan Deal.


“Cagle threatened to use his elected office to impose retribution against Delta, one of Georgia’s largest private employers, unless Delta conformed to his personal ideology,” said Evans, who held a press conference Thursday to reiterate her claim. “This threat was made such that a membership organization to which he is a member would stand to gain an economic benefit.

“In addition, it is probable that the NRA will spend large sums to boost the campaign of the Republican nominee for governor, a position Mr. Cagle is currently campaigning to win. Thus, Cagle’s threat is a potential violation of state criminal and ethics laws.”

Evans delivered a letter outlining her claims to Carr's office on Wednesday.