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Tight race for these Georgia state offices | 11Alive Poll

Election for Attorney General and Secretary of State will come down to who shows up to vote.

ATLANTA — It's a tight race between down-ballot candidates for state offices in Georgia.

Survey results from a new 11Alive poll released Wednesday show the races for Attorney General and Secretary of State are close - essentially within the margin of error of each other. Data shows it will come down to who shows up to the polls on November 8.

The poll, commissioned through Survey USA, questioned 1,076 likely November voters from Sept. 30 through Oct. 4. Surveyors asked the voters the following:

If the November election for Georgia Attorney General were today, and you were filling out your ballot right now, who would you vote for?

A similar question was asked for Secretary of State.

Here's how those surveyed responded.

Attorney General

Credit: 11Alive

The race to become Georgia's top lawyer is only four points off, which is about the survey's standard deviation.

It's a race that will be determined at the ballot box in November as incumbent and GOP candidate Chris Carr is working to serve another term, and Democrat Jen Jordan is slightly trailing behind in the chance to unseat him. Carr holds a slight lead.

A majority of men who responded to the survey backed Carr, according to the data. Jordan has a slight edge when it comes to the woman vote, with 38% of respondents siding with her platform and 35% throwing their support behind Carr.

To note, nearly a quarter of respondents said they are undecided in the race.

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When taking a closer look at the demographics of survey respondents, Carr will likely clinch the Hispanic vote as 61% of respondents said they'd cast their ballot in favor of the Republican. White respondents also said they aligned with Carr. 

However, 64% of Black voters who responded to the poll said they'd vote for Jordan. A quarter of white voters also sided with the Democrat.

There was not enough information to predict how Asian Americans would vote, SurveyUSA reports.

Ultimately, the race will be determined by Independent and undecided voters.

When asked about party affiliation, most Republicans sided with Carr and seemingly won over 30% of Independent voters. This is compared to 26% of Independents who said they'd vote for Jordan, who easily has the backing of Democratic voters.

To take a closer look at the data, click here.

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Secretary of State

Credit: Associated Press

It's a split race to become Georgia's next election leader, poll data shows.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is running for re-election with his Democratic opponent Georgia Rep. Bee Nguyen, close behind. SurveyUSA data shows the two fall within the poll's margin of error, with 39% of voters backing the incumbent and 36% siding with Nguyen.

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Nguyen, who would become the first Asian American to serve in the office if elected, has a strong backing of Black voters. Demographically, Raffensperger's platform seems to speak to Hispanic and white voters. 

However, respondents siding with Nguyen said they were less likely to vote in November - a troubling statistic as Raffensperger leads the race.

To take a closer look at the data, click here.

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