The Amans are a dog family, and if you aren’t awake before sunrise, Nevsky and Waller have no problem being your alarm clock.

For Atlanta mayoral candidate Peter Aman, the family man, his morning includes a tiring game of fetch.

“Lisa pretty much who runs the show," he said.

Peter and his wife Lisa are parents first.

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Two daughters are off at college, and Andrew, the youngest of three, is a high school junior.

Peter’s routine includes a morning check of the headlines on his iPad -- including staying up-to-date on the delay in Fulton County’s property tax bills -- then a bit of campaign business as the news camera in his kitchen follows his every move.

“All I have to say is I couldn’t be a Kardashian,” he said.

Then his first stop of the day: his neighborhood Goldberg’s restaurant.

The Amans move to Atlanta more than 30 years ago after his wife accepted a job here.

“We’ve loved it, obviously chosen to stay since then. Raised all three of our kids here,” he said.

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Peter says he enjoys Atlanta’s well-known landmarks, but he directs transplants and tourists to not miss its hidden gems.

“We have some wonderful neighborhoods all-across the city, so I do try to direct them to see every part of the city to actually get a real sense of it.”

As he walks the campaign trail, while juggling being a father and husband, you don’t hear Peter complaining about the hustle and bustle.

“I like the constant pace actually,” he said. “It is more interesting being out with people than just making phone call after phone call to raise money. That is the part that really nobody wants.”

Peter’s morning finally ends with a stop at his second home: campaign headquarters, where he gears up for an afternoon filled with more campaigning before he can even consider finding a few moments to relax.

“To the extent, there are a few minutes a day of downtime I’ll tune into CNN or the news and that is really about it.”

He has previously worked with both former Mayor Shirley Franklin and then current Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed. He served as Atlanta’s COO during part of Reed’s time in office, from January 2010 to December 2011.

Peter cast his ballot with his wife Lisa by his side Tuesday morning at Sarah Smith Elementary off of Old Ivey Road. His watch party will be in Midtown Atlanta at the Hotel Indigo.

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